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Feel secure that your business is protected from cybercriminals with Webroot, WatchGuard, and a Managed IT Services plan.

We believe our approach represents the middle ground between the cost of protection and the value of what you're protecting.  It wouldn't make sense to spend a dollar protecting data that is worth a penny, but if your expected revenue is over a million dollars a year, it also is unwise to believe a $100 investment in a cheap firewall and some anti-virus is sufficient to deter cyber-thieves.

All the solutions that we recommend to our Managed IT Services clients are the same ones we have in place to protect our own business.

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Webroot never sleeps and only scans your PC when you’re not working so it doesn’t get in the way. 
It actively checks web pages before you click on them & will alert you if it detects anything suspicious.


Like the strainer a chef pours his soup stock through, a firewall stops all the bones (‘bad stuff’), but lets all the broth (‘good stuff’) through.
It does so by following a set of rules programmed into it.  As most things in life, you get what you pay for, and a cheaper firewall isn’t as powerful a strainer. 
We have vetted WatchGuard and know that it can be relied upon to keep ‘bad stuff’ out of your network!


WatchGuard’s spam filter will automatically recognize & drop spam at the gateway to your network,
before it wastes your time and gums up your computers.

Web Filtering

Cyber-crooks spread their influence by setting up web sites as booby-traps. The moment a browser visits that site, the site crams malware onto the visitor’s computer. Less dire yet still annoying, sites such as casual gaming sites or celebrity fan sites will cram spyware and adware onto visiting computers.
WatchGuard’s web filter keeps track of tens of thousands of sites known to be undesirable, and will stop you from accidentally surfing to them.
An added benefit is it can prevent your employees from “cyber-slacking” (for example, wasting time on a Fantasy Football site instead of working).


Like having a personal security guard for your business, WatchGuard's IPS will detect and automatically block malicious traffic.

Advanced Management

Webroot & WatchGuard provide us with real-time monitoring & reports that give us insight into what is going in and out of your network so we can proactively respond to any threats detected.  As part of our Managed IT Services we make sure all your PCs are being scanned on a consistent basis as not to leave them vulnerable.



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