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Our aim is to provide you with the right-sized equipment for your needs, not oversell you for a ‘quick buck.’  How much are you locked into paying monthly with your current vendor?  How much did you pay when you could not be in the office due to the Covid-19 crisis, and were not printing?

Too often people are lured into leasing equipment with features they do not need, negotiate a lease that is too long, or agree on minimum page counts that are too high, all because the sales person did not consult well (whether intentionally or not).  Our contracts do not contain any minimum page requirements, so as your business printing habits change, you will never pay for more than what you actually use.

Between the HP MFP and Xerox WorkCentre product line, and our Sales Oath of Honor, you can trust in us to provide you what your office needs at the right price.

Not only can we provide you with the best fit copier for your needs, but we can also help you keep costs down with our Managed Print Services and ensure your office is protected with our Print Security Solutions.

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                        HP Color LJ E67660z MFP


Don’t Overlook HP MFPs to replace your copier

In many instances, an HP MFP can replace a typical ‘copier’ and be much more cost-effective as the machine isn't as expensive.  Many business use cases do not require tabloid-sized printing (11x17), so a smaller footprint MFP will suffice.  The HP Color LJ Managed E67660 MFP series is a color machine that can handle up to 30,000 pages a month.

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Trust in the Xerox Altalink series  for your high volume needs

If you need to print over 50,000 pages a month a Xerox Altalink would be a good fit.

Click here to learn more about Xerox Altalinks

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Request a FREE   Cost-Benefit Analysis   For Your Copier(s)

Are Your Copier Leases Coming To An End Soon?  Not Sure What You Are Going To Do?

Our FREE Cost-Benefit Analysis Will Help you Decide

If you are thinking about upgrading your copiers because the lease is coming to an end, they’re not performing to your satisfaction, or you just want to see if you can save money by leasing something else, we’d like to offer you a FREE Cost-Benefit Analysis consultation to demonstrate how we may be able to help you.

Here's How A Free Cost-Benefit Analysis Works:

At no charge, we will come to your office to review your current copiers, print/scan volume, lease documents, future needs and business practices.

Based on what we discover, we’ll provide you with one or more options for helping you to save money and get the results you want. We’ll be happy to discuss your options, clarify any grey areas, and answer any questions you have. We will also map out the costs and steps involved so you know exactly what to expect.

At the end of this analysis, you’ll be in a much better position to make an informed, intelligent decision on whether or not you should upgrade your copier(s), AND which option(s) will work best for you.

You are under no obligations to do or buy anything; this is simply our way of introducing our services to you and demonstrating how we can make sure you are getting a good deal for your company.  Click here to request a FREE Cost-Benefit analysis for your copiers.

Are your Copier Leases coming due soon?

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