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Your company is continuously creating confidential, valuable data that’s crucial to running your business, and you’re probably already using multiple security methods to protect this data on your PC’s, networks, and servers. But is your printing and imaging environment as secure as the rest of your infrastructure?

Whether it is purchasing printers with built-in protection, creating & automating implementation of security policies for your fleet, or having employees authenticate before collecting print jobs with secure pull printing, we have the solutions to improve your print security and can consult you on how to best implement them.

Learn why your printers are a network security risk and what you can do to decrease your vulnerability!

HP Secure Print A M Exclusive NYC Whitepaper

Top Reasons Why You Should Secure Your Printers

Whether it’s unattended documents left on a printer, or sensitive data processing from the computer to the device, to help keep your business protected you will need a solid print security solution. Here’s why:

Secure printing saves times for end-users and administrators.

Allow end-users to send a print job to a central print queue and pick it up at any printer! Not only does this make it more convenient for end-users, but administrators no longer have to spend time setting users up with the ability to print to multiple printers.

Secure printing will cut waste.

How often does your organization throw out paper from print jobs that were never collected at the machine?  When implementing a process where end-users need to authenticate at the machine before their job prints, you will eliminate this waste.  In addition, After a designated period of time unclaimed print jobs will be removed from the print queue, reducing unnecessary printing

Secure printing can keep sensitive and confidential information safe.

Virtually every business works with confidential information, both from employees and customers. A few examples include an employee’s tax information, medical information, legal documentation, or a customer’s payment information, credit card numbers, and home address. All of this is incredibly valuable information for identity thieves, and it is your responsibility as an organization and employer to keep this information secure. 



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