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A M Exclusive's Customer Referral Program

Help us to help other businesses in the new york metro area!

The greatest form of flattery is the referrals we receive from our friends & satisfied customers.  We are grateful for the opportunities and relationships that we are entrusted with and want to reward you for sharing your business connections.

Our Synergy 550 Club Membership Cards are 16 GB Wallet-Sized USB Drives that will help you store the day to day files that you need.  Fill out the form on the right to request one!

Synergy 550 Club Membership Card

  • With our program, if your referral is a qualified prospect that results in a proposal, you will receive a $50 gift certificate. 
  • If your referral becomes a client, you or your favorite charity will receive a minimum of $500.
  • A great referral would be a company with 15 - 500 printers/copiers that needs help with managing them efficiently and cost effectively.
  • Another great referral would be a company with 5 to 50 computers that needs help with their phones, network, data backups, e-mail server, or is interested in having a second opinion about an IT topic.
  • To tell us about a referral, call 718-845-2828 Ext. 3 or click here to e-mail us!

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