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Small Business IT Services

Are you a small business in NYC that is frustrated with the number and frequency of computer problems you experience?  Are you waiting hours or days for someone to solve your issues?  If you had an IT emergency, are you unsure of who you would be able to rely on to help you?

If so, our Managed IT Services will increase your productivity and provide you with peace of mind.  Not only will we prevent common computer problems from occurring, we will resolve all other issues quickly with our Priority Service Guarantee.

Think of your network as a car.... 
many things go into keeping your car running smoothly - ensuring there is gas in the tank, air in the tires,  the windshield wipers are functioning well, the oil & other fluids are changed when necessary, inspections are up to date, resolving issues when they come up, etc.

If you ignored all of these aspects of taking care of your car, you would break down rather quickly - the same goes for your network, which is much more complicated than your car!

A Managed IT Services contract takes care of everything related to keeping your network running smoothly - providing you peace of mind, reduced operating costs, increased productivity, and lower security risk.

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Defend your Network from Attack


If you aren't continuously monitoring your network, you're vulnerable.  From making sure anti-virus software is up to date, to blocking malicious websites, we'll keep track of all the workstations and computers on your network and make sure each one of them has a layer of defense.


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Enhanced Productivity & Business-Class Email with Microsoft Office 365

as a microsoft certified partner, We set it up and
manage it all for you

From e-mail, to instant messaging, to video conferencing - Office 365's tools have everything you need to communicate with your colleagues and customers.

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Protect Yourself Against Data Loss

Our disaster recovery solution will give you
peace of mind


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