How do I clear a 49 Error on an HP Laser Printer?

What is a 49 Error and how do I fix it?

In general, a 49 service error is a situation where the printer cannot process a file that has been sent. In some cases the file is corrupted and in other cases the printer’s firmware simply cannot interpret that file. In either case, to resolve this issue you should try the following: 
1.  Turn the printer off and check the print queue for the last job sent. Delete that job and turn the printer back on. The remaining jobs should then start to print. Keep in mind that if several users are sending to that printer it can be any one of them that sent the corrupt file. 

2.   In rare cases there can be a printer issue. In order to determine this, the Ethernet cable must first be removed from the back of the printer and the printer restarted. If the printer boots up to ready and you can perform an internal print such as a configuration page, chances are that the printer is working fine.

3.  There are times when you will not see any jobs in the print queue yet when you power the printer on and it comes to ready the data light will blink and a 49 error appears. Be assured there is some kind of data being sent to the printer. In this case, you can try initializing the print spooler. In some cases the printer will need to be reinstalled using a new IP address. 

4.  In rare instances that the printer is at fault, the most likely causes are the network card or the formatter.


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