How do I clear 80, 81 & 82 Errors on an HP Laser Printer?

Solution: Replace the Network Card

80, 81, and 82 errors are all associated with a defective network card.  They are most prevalent in printers with 610 and 615 network cards which are white in color.  Very often these errors will start out intermittently but within a short time the error becomes permanent.

•  Power off the printer

•  Loosen the two thumb screws and pull the network card out of the machine

•  Plug the new network card in & power on the machine

•  The IP address must then be programmed either through the control panel on the printer manually, or through the network by an administrator.*


* If you join A M Exclusive’s Preferred Service Program, we perform a cleaning of your entire inventory or printers, at which time we place a technician service log label on each printer, detailing the serial number and IP address.  This comes in handy particularly in dealing with errors such as above that require replacement of a network card and the re-programming of an IP address.

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