How do I clear a 900 Service RIP error from my Lexmark machine?

900 Service RIP Errors

In general, a 900 Service RIP error is a situation where the printer cannot process a file that has been sent. In some cases the file is corrupted and in other cases the printer’s firmware simply cannot interpret that file. In either case, to resolve this issue you should try the following: 

1. Power off the printer and leave it powered off for 20 seconds or more. Doing this will clear the printer’s memory. 

2. While the printer is off, clear any pending print jobs from the computer of the network queue.  This prevents the corrupted job from being sent to the printer again.

3. Power the printer back on. 

4. If the printer goes to the READY status, try printing again  If the error is not resolved, request support from a service provider.

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