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Our newsletter provides a mix of helpful information around technology, leadership, and work-life balance.  From a quote that offers inspiration to a service that could genuinely help your business, it is our aspiration that by reading our newsletter, you gain something that will help you along your journey.  Since you found yourself on this page, we encourage you to pick an issue at random and see where it guides you at this moment!

May 2020 - IT Leaders #6 : Tuning to the Moment ∞ Recommended Home Office MFP ∞ 4 Tips To Mitigate The Challenges of Employee-Owned Devices

May 2020 - Small Business Leaders #6 :Tuning to the Moment ∞ Recommended Home Office MFP ∞ Companies Spreading Goodness ∞ 4 Things You Should Be Doing To Protect Employee-Owned PCs While Employees Work From Home

March 2020 - IT Leaders #5 : How You Can Find Purpose With A Shift of Perspective ∞ Why You May Need A Secure Pull-Print Solution To Comply With Updates To New York State's SHIELD Act ∞ SYNERGY 550 CLUB

February 2020 - Small Business Leaders #5 : What Did Kobe Bryant Have To Teach Us? ∞ How Nonprofit Organizations Can Get Their Money Back For 2018-2019 Parking Taxes

January 2020 - IT Leaders #4 : How Jeopardy's All-Time Greatest Failed Cybersecurity ∞ Printer Firmware: To Update or Not To Update? ∞ How To Claim a $25 Reward

December 2019 - Small Business Leaders #4 : The Connection Between Gratitude & Joy ∞ How To Speak To An IT Expert Immediately To Avert The Security Threat Coming January 14th, 2020

November 2019 - IT Leaders #3 :
How To Get The Best Deal On Copiers/MFPs ∞ How To Bring Mindfulness To Work

October 2019 - Small Business Leaders #3 :  A Story About Synchronicity In Action ∞ How Telecommuting Can Create New Possibilities For Your Business

September 2019 - IT Leaders #2 :  Why Your Firewall Shouldn't Be Your Only Defense For Printer Vulnerabilities ∞ How Important Is A Work-Life Balance?

August 2019 - Small Business Leaders #2 : How You Can Help Your Favorite Vendors ∞ The Difference Between Fishing & Phishing ∞3 Tips To Keep Summer Humidity From Affecting Print Jobs ∞ 3 Ways To Lead Vs. Manage

July 2019 - IT Leaders #1 : Top 5 Security Vulnerabilities of Corporate Print Fleets

June 2019
- Small Business Leaders #1 : What Is "Technicity?" ∞ An URGENT Security Warning For Small Businesses ∞ A Simple Way To Earn Money For Your Charity ∞ Two Easy Ways To Pivot Away From Overwhelm