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Anders Mikkelsen, the president of Berlin Pacific has the analysis of Telecom bills down to a science So much so that he only charges his clients 50% of WHAT HE IS ABLE TO SAVE THEM. 

Here is what his clients are saying:

"I just want to thank you for all your help dealing with Verizon.  You were great.  Before you took over I spent numerous hours trying to resolve the billing issues and didn't get very far.  You accomplished more over the period of two months, than I was able to over a six month period.  You not only saved me money, but also aggravation and time.  After initial orientation you took it over and didn't take up my time, keeping me in the loop with updates on your progress.  I'm certain that without your help we wouldn't be able to resolve Verizon's overcharges." - A. Kazmierczuck, Pacor Inc.

"I went into this project a bit skeptical that we would save enough money to make the effort worthwhile.  I couldn't have been more wrong.  We're saving close to 50% of our yearly voice and data charges as a result of the efforts of Berlin Pacific.  This project has made me a hero with our CFO.  I would not hesitate to use Berlin Pacific again on similar projects or to refer them to any company looking for significant communications savings." - M. McConnell, American Nursing Services


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