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We recommend the Xerox Phaser 7100, 7500, or 7800 for Graphic Arts applications

See below specifications to help you choose

MODEL  Xerox Phaser 7100 Xerox Phaser 7500 Xerox Phaser 7800
SPEED  30 Pages Per Minute 35 Pages Per Minute 45 Pages Per Minute
RECOMMENDED   PRINT VOLUME  6,000 Pages Per Month 15,000 Pages Per Month 30,000 Pages Per Month
MAXIMUM PAPER   WEIGHT  80 lb. cover 100 lb. cover 130 lb. cover
DETAILED SPECS  Phaser 7100 Phaser 7500 Phaser 7800

As a Xerox partner, we can provide you a contract that is inclusive of both supplies & service, billed at a per-page rate.  Contact us for a quote and we'll also let you know your coverage options.

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