HP LaserJet Warranty Repairs

New York Metropolitan Area

Are you searching online because your company's new HP LaserJet printer has an issue but you don't know who can fix it under warranty?

If So, Reach Out To Us - As an HP Authorized Service Provider we'll be at your office either today or tomorrow and be able to complete your repair at no charge! (646) 846-2281

client-logo-carousel_hp.jpgYou can trust in our expertise because we have been repairing HP laser printers since they were invented.  If we don't have a part you need in one of our service vans, we will ship it overnight and return the next day to install it as part of our SMART SERVICE DOCTRINE.

HP LaserJet Printer Warranty Check

Not sure if your printer is still under warranty?  If you let us know your model and serial #, we can look up your information and verify if it is still covered under warranty.  If it is not, we will consult you on your lowest cost options.

HOURS OF OPERATION: Monday - Friday, 9:00 a.m - 5:00 p.m

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HP Warranty Eligible LaserJet Models

See below for a list of models that were current within thE last year and may still be eligible for free on-site service:

HP LaserJet M401, HP LaserJet M402, HP LaserJet M506, HP LaserJet P3015, HP LaserJet M604, HP LaserJet M605, HP LaserJet M606, HP LaserJet M607, HP LaserJet M608, HP LaserJet M609, HP LaserJet M712, HP LaserJet M806, HP LaserJet M426 MFP, HP LaserJet M521 MFP, HP LaserJet M525 MFP, HP LaserJet M527 MFP, HP LaserJet M630 MFP, HP LaserJet M631 MFP, HP LaserJet M632 MFP, HP LaserJet M633 MFP, HP LaserJet M725 MFP, HP LaserJet M830 MFP

HP Color LaserJet M452, HP Color LaserJet M451, HP Color LaserJet M551, HP Color LaserJet CP4025, HP Color LaserJet M651, HP Color LaserJet M652, HP Color LaserJet M653, HP Color LaserJet CP5225, HP Color LaserJet M750, HP Color LaserJet M855, HP Color LaserJet M476 MFP, HP Color LaserJet M477 MFP, HP Color LaserJet M570 MFP, HP Color LaserJet M575 MFP, HP Color LaserJet M577 MFP, HP Color LaserJet M680 MFP, HP Color LaserJet M681 MFP, HP Color LaserJet M682 MFP, HP Color LaserJet M775 MFP, HP Color LaserJet M880 MFP

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